Discrete Workshop

Discrete Mathematics Workshop Site for Hunter CSCI 150 course with Professor Schweitzer.

Time: 10:30 am - 4 pm, Thursday 1/23 & Friday 1/24

Location: Hunter West Room 619

Workshop Syllabus

Workshop FAQ

Discrete Resources

For a review of what we covered or more practice, below are the relevant sections from the course textbook. You can visit the Skirball Science Center (Hunter East 7th) for Discrete Tutoring throughout the semester.

These sections specifically should cover course content up to and including the midterm.

Discrete Mathematics with Applications (Course Textbook)

See homework on Schweitzer’s course site for problems to try out each section.

If you run out of questions or the other book’s explanations are just not doing it for you, the Book of Proof (Free under Creative Commons) is a great place to look!

Book of Proof (Community Favorite)

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